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  • Email: DuAn@bkav.com
  • Hotline: Ha Noi: (84-4) 3763 2552 / Ho Chi Minh City: (84-8) 6296 6626

Bkav eOffice Gov – The software supports information exchange, operation management, document submitting and reviewing management and work profiles on computer networks. The software has successfully been deployed in more than 25 provinces/cities and government’s agencies. Bkav eOffice Gov has been voted as the best IT Solution of The Year two consecutive times by PCWorld magazine. With a bunch of handy and easy-to-use features integrated in the software such as: managing and handling official dispatch, work profiles, emails, conversations, referendum, work scheduler, notifications, sending SMS to mobiles, etc. Bkav eOffice Gov always actively provides information to users, which itself trains the users and creates a habit of using IT applications at work and makes it an indispensable software in offices. Read more