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Bkav SmartHome is the latest generation of smart home system in the world with outstanding technology in comparison with products from US and EU – according to the evaluation criteria by Gartner.

Bkav SmartHome system connects all devices in your house together as a network system and controls them based on smart contextual scenarios. The devices include lighting system, curtains, air conditioner, television, stereo system, water heater, ventilator, dehumidifier, environmental sensor, video bell, security camera, electronic fences, gas-leak alarm, smoke alarm, garden watering system, etc.

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By just one touch

In a conventional home, you shall need dozens or even up to hundreds of switches to control all the devices. However, with Bkav SmartHome, everything shall be controlled with a few of buttons on touch screen of a smart-phone or tablet. You can also control your house via visual 3D interface, in which the devices are simulated same as in reality, just by tapping the corresponding device on screen to control.

Touch to control

The following example may help you visualize the system operation: When a guest arrives, you simply touch "Guest", the living room is brightly lit, curtains are pulled up, air conditioner temperature and music volume are set to a lower level, etc. As usual, you would have to run across the rooms and press many switches to do this. It is so convenient to do all the works just by touching a button on the screen. Another example for the bedtime, instead of looking around the house, pulling down the curtains, locking the doors, turning off the lights, walking blindly to the bed etc. just by tapping “Bedtime mode” on your phone or tablet, the system will do all the things for you and simultaneously activate the security system, alarm when detecting illegal intrusion.

Beyond comfort

Here is a common scenario: when driving home from your workplace, you simply tap "home mode", the water heater will begin working, the ventilation system and air conditioner will be activated, etc. so that when you open the door, everything is ready.

Not only receiving “command”, Bkav SmartHome also actively "serves" its owner. In the morning, the curtains slightly open, sound system plays gentle music of your favorite taste, air conditioner is adjusted to higher temperature to encourage you to beat your “laziness” and get out of bed each morning.

Voice control

Besides smartphone and tablet, you can also control Bkav SmartHome directly through your voice. Bkav SmartHome is equipped with virtual assistant technology, which helps communicating with the system more friendly. It is comfortable when using your own voice to give command and the system responses to it.

The new home standard

Most of us know billionaire Bill Gates with his world-famous smart house. When people think about smart home, it is implied that only the world's top billionaires like Bill Gates can own. However the platform of Bkav SmartHome with current advanced technologies has made the smart home become more popular and you can own it.

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