Terms of use


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Terms of transaction

1. Scope

- These terms apply to all product purchases (including, but not limited to hardware and/or software, download link, license key, code and Backup CDs) (hereinafter referred to as "Product") or service (hereinafter referred to as "Service") on this website (hereinafter referred to as "Site") by: Bkav Corporation (Seller) to you (Purchaser).

2. Offer, Order, Order acceptance

- All prices and descriptions of Product mentioned on website are not an offer and can be withdrawn or modified at any time prior to Bkav’s acceptance of your order. All products cannot be guaranteed to be available, but Bkav will try to ensure the availability of Product.

- Bkav has the rights to refuse your order without any responsibilities in the event of non-availability of products ordered. In such event, Bkav shall return all payments made by you for Product (if any). Any order sent by you is a proposal to purchase Product pursuant to such terms and the rights to accept depend on Bkav. Bkav’s acceptance of order and contract will be valid in the event of Bkav’s delivery of Product to you. All and any information provided by you when ordering must be updated and accurate so that Bkav can process your order. You are responsible to maintain and update your account information, for its accuracy and sufficiency and protect such information as well as passwords from unauthorized access.

3. Price

- The price of each Product is valid at the time of receiving order, unless otherwise directly agreed or mentioned. Price will be shown on website, but the final and accurate price in the event of any difference is shown in Order Acceptance sent to you.

- Prior to acceptance of your order, Bkav may cease discount and/or change price on considering cost increase including (without limitation) cost of materials, delivery, tax types, import and export duties or other taxes and change of exchange rate. Programming error or data error on website may lead to inaccurate price. When price is incorrect or there is any difference in comparison with market price, Bkav will respect orders, but price can be changed and offered in corresponding with market price.

- Bkav will inform you of any price errors prior to delivery. In the event you decide to continue your order, it means that you accept new terms and price noticed by Bkav. Price (unless otherwise noticed by Bkav) will be calculated based on currency on website.

4. Payment

4.1 Payment method

- For each Product, we will apply flexibly the following payment methods: COD/Cash On Delivery, credit card, debit card (Visa/MasterCard), domestic ATM cards or Bao Kim.

4.2 Detailed instruction on payment method

4.2.1 COD/Cash On Delivery

- On purchasing Product, you fill in “Order” form and click “Order”.

- After receiving your order, Bkav will contact you to verify detailed information of your order.

- On receiving Product, you will make direct payment for Bkav’s delivery staff. 

4.2.2 Credit card payment

- On ordering process, you select credit card in the section of payment card.

- Right after receiving your order, the payment transaction will be verified. If the transaction is not successful, we will contact you. If the transaction is successful, your order will be processed and delivery will be done within stipulated time.

4.2.3 Domestic ATM card payment

- On ordering process, you select domestic ATM card in the section of payment card.

- Conditions of ATM payment: Your card has been registered to use online banking. We currently support payment via ATM card for all banks through OnePay.

- Right after receiving your order, the payment transaction will be verified. If the transaction is not successful, we will contact you. If the transaction is successful, your order will be processed and delivery will be done within stipulated time.

4.2.4 Online payment gateway of Bao Kim

- On ordering process, you select Bao Kim payment method in the section of payment card.

5. Delivery

- We have delivery teams in almost provinces and cities nationwide. Therefore, we make delivery initiatively and ensure the fast delivery of Product with the highest reliability.

- Delivery scope: nationwide.

- Delivery address: at customer’s address.

- Delivery cost: Free of charge.

- Time of delivery: After Bkav contacts you to verify your order or payment is successful, delivery staff of Bkav will deliver to you within 1 – 2 days.

- Note: Bkav does not apply return and exchange policy to all products (except product with special terms)

6. Technical support

- Bkav guarantees to assist you in technical issues related to your usage of Product.

- If assistance is required, you can contact Bkav’s technical support via phone number or send email to address on software license card or your warranty certificate.

- On receiving your requirement, solution will be made within 24 hours.

- Time of technical support: support available 24/7, 7 days a week.

7. Responsibility

Under no circumstances shall Bkav or any of its affiliates involved in selling products have any liability or responsibility for any indirect, incidental, special damages due to consequences/losses regarding products that are not manufactured by Bkav.

Bkav or its affiliates will be responsible for damages caused by deliberate violation of important contractual responsibility or by serious negligence by Bkav, but limited to maximum loss equivalent to Product’s value. Limitation of legal responsibility applies to any damage claims regardless of the nature and continues to remain in effect without any affects by termination of the contract. You shall compensate Bkav for debts, arising expenses or payments as direct or indirect consequence of the sale of Product suffered by Bkav or your own service causing infringement or alleged infringement of any property rights of any third parties.

8. Termination of contract

A transaction is deemed to be complete when Bkav completes Product delivery for you. Bkav may postpone or cease Product delivery in the event of any signs of your bankruptcy (arrangement with creditors or any signs of liquidating assets) or if Bkav believes that you do not have ability to pay debt. In such event, Bkav may cancel your order with a written notice sent to you by email or fax.

9. Rights to use Product

You will have the rights to use Product after performing full payment according to price of order (including interest or other expenses depending on Product).

10. Complain

When receiving Product, it is your responsibility to check Product delivered by Bkav and determine Product’s condition based on description information and only examine obvious errors in Product and insufficient delivery. If you do not inform or fail to inform such error to Bkav within 15 (fifteen) days, your rights regarding Product’s faults or insufficient delivery will no longer be valid. In case of incorrect delivery or insufficient delivery, your complaint sent to Bkav will be settled according to relevant policies.

11. Notice

Any notices or modifications relating to the contract between two parties can be delivered in the form of direct delivery, prepaid delivery, fax or email to the address and the latest point of contact where one party has sent written notice to the other party. This address is also used in legal proceedings in accordance with laws. Except the event related to your cancellation of order, notices or modifications as below (to correct address) will be deemed to have been received:

- For direct delivery from one party to the other party: On delivery date, notice is sent to correct address (or if it is not a working day, it will be the first working day after such date)

- For delivery via postal service: 5 days (working days) after the delivery date.

- For facsimile: On delivery date, evidence is a successfully-sent notice (or if it is not a working day, it will be the first working day after such date).

- For email: In the earliest time when: (i) the recipient confirms to receive email; (ii) the sender receives an automated message that the delivery was successful or email has been opened; or (iii) 48 hours after delivery expires, provided that the sender has not received notification of delivery failure.

12. Governing law

All and any arising disputes related or not to the contract between two parties will be settled through negotiation within a maximum of 30 days after the date of arising dispute. If the negotiation fails, the dispute shall be subject to the law and the jurisdiction of court at where Bkav headquarters are located, depending on specific case.

13. General term

The terms are separate and the expiry of any terms will not affect in any way the validity of other terms. These terms are made of their own free will and only terms between Bkav and you, while the previous terms, whether oral or written agreement, are not mandatory, except cases mentioned in this document. Bkav has the rights to change current terms from time to time and notice significant changes on current website. If you continue to order on website after such notices, it means your consent of such changes. You have no rights to transfer or hand over the rights and responsibilities under these terms to a third party, without written consent of Bkav.