To purchase products, click “Buy now” (corresponding to each product), and then you can choose one of the following ways:


Type 1: Fill in the following information: Name, Delivery address, etc. and click “Buy now”. Product will be delivered to your registered address (nationwide). You will complete payment upon receipt of the product.  
Type 2: In case you pay by Visa, Master, etc. you can choose “Buy Online”. If you buy Bkav license online, the license key will be sent to your email in some minutes. If you buy other products online, these products will be delivered to your registered address (nationwide) after you complete the payment.
Note: to learn more about the products, you can click the image of the products or click “Read more”. To see the full list of the products, click the Menu “Home” in the left corner of the screen. To see the list of product category, click the menu on the left.